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This course aims at teaching students on the skills in reading, writing, listening and speaking using English language

It is a compulsory subject for semester 1 students majoring in Human Resource Management.
Describe basic components and computer terminology concerning hardware, software, files and networking. (C1, A1, P1)

Apply basic software tools for a computer system including word processing, spreadsheet, presentation and database. (C3)

Work in team to solve computing related problems by applying spreadsheet for computation and word processor for report documentation and present the problem and solution using presentation tool. (C3)
This module is intended to provide students with the concept of design and implementation of computer system. Its explain what operating system are and what they do. It also introduces to the students the issues and techniques of resources management and protection, and show how computer system manage processor, memory and secondary storage to be use by the process in an efficient manner.
At the end of this course students will be able to:

Write good proposal
Design a logo
Create advertisement
Present a product

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