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Upon successful completion of the course students will be able to: CO1 Solve problems involving sets using set operations and draw Venn diagrams. Use the concepts of logic to determine the truth value of a proposition and validity of an argument, identify further related properties.(C3, A4) CO2 Determine the appropriate principles of counting to use: addition rule, multiplication rule, permutation and combination.(C3, P1) CO3 Use the concept of relations, functions, graphs and trees to solve related problems. (C3, A4) CO4 Use mathematical induction to prove a mathematical formula which is true for a positive integer. Find a recursion formula for a given sequence. (C3)
Menghasilkan kertas cadangan projek keterlibatan komuniti yang berimpak sosial (C3)
Mempamerkan kemahiran kepimpinan dan kerja berpasukan (C2,A2)
Mempamerkan tanggungjawab sosial dalam pelaksasaan projek (C3,A2)
Oratory by its definition means the rationale and practice of persuasive public speaking. It is immediate in its audience relationships and reactions, but it may also have broad historical repercussions. The orator may become the voice of political or social history. In fact, as a part of communication skills that we want to cultivate in a student, this oratory skill is fundamental.

At the end of the semester students will achieve the following course learning outcome (CLO):

CLO1: Identify the basic principles of public speaking.
CLO2: use and present the basic principles of public speaking into the different types of speeches by using suitable visual aids.
CLO3: demonstrate self confidence and communication ability.

*Please refer to lecturer for further Course of Information and Course Planner.
1. Demonstrate the understanding of element and principle of graphic design. (C3 P5)
2. Describe the elements and principles of graphic design (C2 P1)
3. Produce design artwork by following the design process (C3)
1. Identify the graphic design technology movements and the effects of popular culture on graphic design periods and style (C1 C4)
2. Demonstrate the understanding of historical styles of graphic design in contemporary graphics (C3)
3. Apply the history style in artwork design (C3)

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