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    Upon successful completion of the course students will be able to:
    - Describe the basic understanding of HCI, interaction design and the support to HCI
    design (C2, A1, P1)
    - Find from various resources the application of current input/output technologies and
    their interaction techniques and write a report (C2,A2)
    - Work in a team to design and present prototype (verbally and report ) for an interactive
    for a computer system or ubiquitous computing ( C3, C6, A2,P7)
    Course Learning Outcome:
    CLO1. Apply suitable method to evaluate power gain of antenna based on antenna description or diagram (C3)

    CLO2. Explain the basic principles and concepts of antenna, it is types and accessories used in WLAN (C2, A1, P1)

    CLO3. Discuss specific WLAN standard and organization that introduce or involve in the WLAN standard (C2, A2)

    CLO4. Describe the components, technologies, architecture and security related to WLAN (C2, A1, P1)

    CLO5. Identify the layout for existing or new WLAN design for specific area based on current WLAN technology (C4, A1, P1)
    CO1: Explain the concept of network security, authentication mechanism, internet security and system security (C2, A3, P2)
    CO2:Discuss legal and ethical issue and computer privacy based on security incidents (C2, A2)
    CO3 : Apply the encryption technique used in cryptography system (C3)
    CO4:Work in team to analyse a network attack, propose and present the solution and the prevention method (C3)
    Menerangkan konsep asas etika serta kepentingannya dan konsep asas etika dan nilai.

    Aplikasi etika dan nilai menurut beberapa perspektif agama. ( C3,A3,P2 )

    Menghuraikan nilai-nilai kebangsaan ( C2,A3,P2 )

    Membincangkan dalam kumpulan untuk mengenalpasti permasalahan isu-isu etika dan nilai berkaitan melalui sorotan literatur serta melaporkan hasil penyelesaian dalam bentuk penulisan ilmiah dan pembentangan. ( C3,A5,P3 ).
    Demonstrate the understanding of element and principle of graphic design. (C3 P5)
    Describe the elements and principles of graphic design (C2 P1)
    Produce design artwork by following the design process (C3)
    Identify the graphic design technology movements and the effects of popular culture on graphic design periods and style (C1 C4)
    Demonstrate the understanding of historical styles of graphic design in contemporary graphics (C3)
    Apply the history style in artwork design (C3)

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