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Course Learning Outcome:

Describe the fundamental of networking concepts and components needed
to support communication in networks and the Internet. (C2, A1, P1)

Build a simple Ethernet connectivity. (C3, P3)

Apply packet tracer software in designing LAN by using addressing scheme
for IPv4 or IPv6 and present a written report. (C3)

Configure and troubleshoot router and switches for a small and medium size
network. (C3, A5, P3)
This course introduces the basic discrete mathematics that is required in the
contemporary aspects of computing. The topics covered are set theory, fundamental
principles of counting, relation and function, digraph, logic, mathematical induction and
This course develops competency in common business calculations with an emphasis on
solving word problems related to financial decision-making. Students learn to calculate ratio,
percentages,variation, basic algebra with a single variable, financial mathematics with
personel taxation and payroll. Students perform calculations with the aid of a calculator to
solve problems.
Exposure to the evolution of graphic communication by studying early writing systems in the Mideast and Asia, medieval manuscripts, the Renaissance, the Industrial Revolution, twentieth century modernism and editorial design.

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