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This course trains students to acquire two concurrent skills namely critical thinking and problem solving. It will develop students' ability to investigate and evaluate thinking from different viewpoints and synthesize their own positions based on the evidence available. Also, students practice techniques that enable them to maximize the results they create in any long-term learning experience, while identifying, analyzing and formulating solutions to problems especially in computing fields.
Students will learn the fundamentals of good visual story-telling through video. They will be able to work as a production team to produce a short movie which demonstrates the quality of video compositions, proper moods and dramatization.
This course is to acquire student with the technologies and skills needed for building a web database application. It will also introduce the students to some of the most common e-commerce website functionalities.
This course is use to teach the students of the basic Linux skills that are needed if they want to work in the server industries. Linux OS market share in Server OS has been increasing especially in virtualization.

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