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Introduce the students to wireless LAN RF, functions of wireless LAN components in term of knowledge and practical skills. In addition, the students will also identify security issues and solutions involved in wireless LAN.
This course introduces the basic computer security concepts. It covers the definition and computer security methods and networking. The discussion about the network security will include the concepts of network protection and intrusion, firewall application software, and also legal, ethics and privacy issues.
This course is designed to train the students in applying basic research skills to help them in their decision making in the working world. The course will cover the introduction to research, sampling technique, research design, analyzing qualitative and quantitative data, as well as the skills to present the data.
The course provides students with general capacity to a level that enables them to use English in their social and professional environment. Students are also expected to focus on understanding any kind of reading materials through the listening activities conducted. This course is also to develop students’ general capacity to a level that enables them to use English in social and professional situations.
Three-dimensional (3D) modeling and rendering techniques includes texturing, surfacing, lighting and camera movements. This subject will emphasizes on 3D modeling
building blocks using primitives shapes to create simple and complex object.
Students of this course will gain an understanding of the history of graphic design from the dawn of writing until today, including the development of alphabet, typefaces, and books;
Arts & Crafts and the private press; posters, printing history, the Bauhaus; understand how past trends and work play a major role in providing inspiration for contemporary design.

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